Power of Forgiveness

exploring the power and nature of forgiveness


I offer The Transforming Power of Forgiveness in workshop, course, and retreat formats.   In each, we explore the meaning and substance of forgiveness, making concrete applications to our relationships, communities, and the needs of the world God so loves.  We risk immersing ourselves in dynamic gospel stories that will claim us and call forth our deepest expressions of confession, gratitude, generosity, and hope. We learn steps to forgiving someone else, and even more, are challenged to allow ourselves to be forgiven.  The material compassionately disarms “transactional” understandings of our relationship with God, as well as notions of the exclusivity of God’s realm.  We welcome encounter with our God who opens futures that have seem closed for so long, and who constantly “makes a way out of no way!”  Exploring the realized experience of being forgiven people is new territory for many of us. The ramifications for this newly liberated life, one that expands grace, can be thrilling and daunting at the same time.  Come expecting something new to happen!

Ours will be a constantly interactive and creative process.  Equipped with wonder and reverence, we will enter holy space where learning can be enacted.  Immersion in the gospels allows us to meet the scriptural stories with the real stories of our own lives and to discover the Spirit moving between the lines and between us. Since forgiveness is always relational, the personal experience of liberation is inseparable from the wholeness of community and movements of social transformation.

If any or all of this sounds good to you, your group, congregation, or community, let’s talk!    We can design a learning experience for your particular setting.

For example:

  • One, two, and three day workshops offer significant levels of engagement.  Each includes opportunity for small group work, journaling, community building, and specific case study.  Multiple sessions strongly enhance these possibilities. Overnight and weekend retreats can provide for a particularly powerful communal experience.
  • The six-session Transforming Power of Forgiveness course is typically offered on a particular evening for six consecutive weeks, at two hours per class.  Careful attention, ongoing reflection and interaction, and an abundance of applied learning are benefits of this model.  There’s really good “homework” in this course! However, I can only offer this “locally;” by that, I mean within a ninety-minute ride from Perkasie, PA.
  • I am also available to accompany congregations and communities as they undertake the sensitive, demanding, and life-giving work of forgiveness and reconciliation.