Power of Forgiveness

exploring the power and nature of forgiveness

Forgiveness is God’s power to remove barriers, to lift burdens, to loosen bonds, and to set people free. It is the expression and the experience of God’s radical grace…

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Nelson Johnson on Forgiveness

  “My hope for Greensboro is that this horrific experience, this tragedy in the taking of five lives, can be transformed by the power of the Spirit, into a case where there is more generosity, and more justice, and more respect for the essence and the dignity of humankind.”  –Rev. Nelson Johnson Reverend Nelson Johnson is the Executive Director of the Beloved Community Center  in Greensboro, North Carolina, and Pastor of Faith Community Church . With his wife Joyce, he was instrumental in encouraging the establishment of the first Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the United States. Nearly 34 year ago, on November 3, 1979, Nelson was wounded when members of the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party attacked an anti-Klan march in...

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  • Memorial Day Reflection

      When you visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, you descend a pathway at the base of two black granite walls inscribed with the names of more than 58,000 American servicepeople who died in that war.  The two walls form a kind of broad “V,”  like wings, one pointing south toward the nearby Lincoln Memorial , the other northward almost directly at the Washington Monument.  The Memorial is set into the earth, and as you walk from either direction the height of the wall increases along with the number of names.  The site becomes a place of deep devotion and heart-rending reflection for those who enter.  People set flowers, pictures, and other items at the foot of the wall near the names of their...

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  • Not As The World Gives: gratitude for the peacemaking life of Daniel Berrigan

    “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you.” –John 14:27 On the first Sunday in May, I woke early for prayer and final preparation of a dialogue sermon on peace. The text was to be John 14:23-29, with particular attention to verse 27. Jesus gifts his disciples with peace in the midst of the most frightening and dangerous of times. He bestows his peace in a way and with a substance radically different than the “peace” purportedly offered by the world. Upon rising I received the news that Daniel Berrigan had died that Saturday, just short of his 95th birthday. I realized that Dan’s life was an extraordinary exposition of the peace...

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  • Mourning as an Act of Courage and Resistance

    “Trauma inevitably brings loss . . . The survivor frequently resists mourning , not only out of fear but also out of pride. She may consciously refuse to grieve as a way of denying victory to the perpetrator. In this case it is important to reframe the (person’s) mourning as an act of courage rather than humiliation. To the extent that the (person) is unable to grieve, she is cut off from a part of herself and robbed of an important part of her healing. Reclaiming the ability to feel the full range of emotions, including grief, must be understood as an act of resistance rather than submission to the perpetrator’s intent. Only through mourning everything she has lost can (she) discover her indestructible inner...

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  • At the Bottom of Things, Love

    “Sometimes, in order to be human, we have to hold G-d fully accountable, for existence, for sin, for suffering. And then we discover, like Job, at the bottom of things there is only this accountability, limitless, for everything, everlasting, otherwise known as love. But to get there we have to be human first, like Jesus.” –Anthony Bartlett